John Mills’


Visitors to the Harrogate exhibition over the past three years will have seen the progress of John Mills’ model of an LNER V3 class tank locomotive, which is charted in this article.

The  Class V1 and Class V3 were two classes of related 2-6-2T locomotives designed by Sir Nigel Gresley. Some 82 V1s were built, with 71 being rebuilt as the higher pressure V3s. Another ten were built as V3s.

The V1s were first used on the Glasgow-Edinburgh-Helensburgh services. The V1 and V3s were comparatively powerful engines suited to heavy and tightly-timed suburban working. They saw service on suburban services around Glasgow and Edinburgh. Several were also maintained at Hull for hauling suburban and branch-line workings in that area.

By 1956 there were 57 V1 and 35 V3 types in service, many on Newcastle-Middlesbrough services.

Some of the class were displaced by newer and more powerful Thompson L1 class. Withdrawals began in 1960. The V1s were gone by 1962 and the V3s by 1964, as diesel multiple units took over increasing numbers of suburban services, and branch lines closed.

None survived into preservation.

The first four photos were taken at Harrogate in 2011 with the model on its building stand. The next three of the largely unpainted model were taken in 2012 and the last five of the finished article in 2013