Chronos has added a number of useful new items for the model engineer’s workshop. For more details go to

SCT cross slide milling table

These rigid precision built slide tables are used for inspection and layout as well as various machining and positioning operations.

• All tables are equipped with the comfortable handles with living sleeve that provide rapid positioning.

• The handles do not extend below the base to eliminate interference with the machine table.

• There are bearings equipped with the guide screw for providing accurate and smooth operation

• Accuracy 0.06~0.08mm/200mm

• Parallelism 0.06~0.08mm/200mm

• Backlash 0.06mm

18 1/2" x 6" (Table size)

Base size 10 1/2" x 8" with four clamping slots

Total height of table is 5" (from base to table)

Graduated dials in metric

T-slot size 16mm at the top- 25 mm at the bottom

300mm/12" of travel

Two T-slots across the bed


X Travel 270 mm

Y Travel - 120 mm

£197 inc VAT and UK mainland delivery.

Mini cross slide milling table

Table size: 200 x 100mm

X-travel: 135 mm, Y-travel:70mm

Dial calibration: 0.02mm and travel 1.00mm per revolution.

T-slot: 30mm between two T-slot centre.

T-Slot size: 8mm

Weight 6KG

Footprint area - 100 x 160 mm

Four mounting slots (10mm wide) - 100 mm between centres

Approximate shipping weight: 6KG

Material: Cast iron

£113.40 inc VAT and mainland UK delivery

Multi-function digital readout boxes

For use with existing glass scales - 2 and 3 axis models

Completely sealed from dust , coolant and swarf

Includes 107 page manual, pivoting mounting bracket and standard three-pin UK plug

Basic functions:

1) Zeroing data recovery

2) Power-down memory

3) linear compensation

4) Input coordinate

5) display Inch / metric

6) Encoder selection

7) Resolution setting

8) Counting direction selection

9) ABS/INC coordinate

10) 200 sets SDM coordinate

11) Ref ruler storage function

12) Calculator

13) Non-linear compensation

14) Sleeping Function

15) 1/2 Function

• Power dissipation: 15W

• Working temperature - 10 - 60 C

• Storage temperature -30 - 70 C

• Coordinate Display 1 AXIS , 2 AXIS

• Display: 8 bit display with signed

• Input frequency: <5MHZ • Minimum resolution of angles:0.0001/pulse

• Operating keyboard: light touch buttons

• Linear scale grating space:0.04mm,0.02mm,0.01mm,power supply is +5V. The difference between two and four TTL output signal is 90°

From £130 inc VAT and UK mainland delivery.

Angelo digital angle ginder/spirit level

Measuring range 0~360°

Working temperature:0 °C+50 °C

Battery:CR2032 3V lithium battery

  1. Easy to measure all kinds of angle and draw lines.

  2. Conversion between absolute measurement and relative measurement.

  3. Display always reads upright,no matter which way it is turned.

  4. Easy calibration and zero setting.

  5. Analogue quadrant showing for easy reading.

  6. High accuracy vial for measuring horizontal level easily.

  7. Lock the moving blade at any angle.

£32 inc VAT and UK mainland delivery

Digital angle finder protractor bevel level box

This new bevel box with additional level vial is a innovative tool that provides digital reading between ±180.00 degree (0-360.00 degree), you simply place it on the surface to be measured and it gives a digital readout of angle with a 0.1° resolution.

Constructed with a tough precision machined aluminium frame with measuring plane containing disk magnet material can stick to the surface to be measured.

It's extra-large LCD is convenient to read, and is very easy to carry and use due to its small and light construction.


• Measuring range ±180.00 degree (0-360 degree)

• Additional level vial

• Hold button

• Constructed from an aluminium extrusion (inc front face) with strong in built magnets fitted in the base

• Auto shut off after 5 minutes

• Extra-large LCD screen

• Easy to Use

• Light Weight


• Measuring range ±180.00 degree (0-360 degree)

• WaterProof: IP54

• Repeatability ±0.1 degree

• Power: 3V CR2032 Lithium battery

• Working current: <100 u A

• Dimension: 2 inch ×2 inch×1.3 inch


• Mitre saws

• Table saws

• Planner fence

• Band saw fence

• Tilting angle plates

• Angle table

• Sine table

• Swivel / tilt vice

Set Includes:

• Meter

• Soft case

• Battery + spare

• Manual

£29.51 inc VAT and UK mainland delivery.

Digital protractor bevel box/angle finder

Robust aluminium frame

V-grooved base for mounting on round parts etc

+/- 180 Degrees or 4 x 90 degrees

Large clear LCD display

0.1 Degree Resolution

Zero set button at any angle

LXHXW(mm) - 162X60X33

IP54 Protection

Auto power off

Absolute or relative measurement

Zero can be set at any point

Easy to change battery and a spare included

Supplied with a storage wallet

£48 inc VAT and UK mainland delivery

Dasqua imperial dial test indicator with twice the range plus holders

• Easy-to-read tilted dial.

• With extra contact point 0.04"&0.12".

• High precision contact point.

• 210° swivel arc.

• Jeweled bearing.

• revolution counter.

• Automatic reversal

Measuring range - 0.06"

Reading - 0.0005"

Dial - 1 1/2 " Dia

Dial Reading - 0-15-0

£58.40 inc VAT and UK mainland delivery

Dasqua high precision dial gauge 0-1 mm x 0.001 mm

Flat Back Body

Body diameter 58 mm

8 Jeweled mechanism

Range 0-1 mm x 0.001 mm

Metal housing

8 mm stem

Manufactured to DIN SPEC 878

Supplied in storage box with calibration certificate

£41.22 inc VAT and UK mainland delivery.

Mini piston type quick change toolpost

This is a scaled down version of the well known piston system which provides instant tool changeover from one operation to another.

It is fully hardened and ground and the working parts have maximum rigidity and provide chatter free performance. Units are completely sealed for maintenance free operation. Each QC tool post set comes with three different styles of tool holders for turning, facing, and boring operations.

Suitable for Lathe swing 5"- 8".

Supplied with a T-nut, ( 1 1/2 x 3/4" x 5/16" thick ) 8 mm and 10 mm bolt for universal mounting to the compound rest.

Centre height 1-1/8".

Toolholder width:1".

Each set includes:

1pc 250-065(piston type tool post)

2pcs 250-067(turning holder)

1pc 250-069(boring bar holder) - Takes 10 mm / 3/8 diameter boring tools

1pc 250-071(cutoff holder) - Takes a standard 1/2 x 3/32 parting blade ( our product numbers 132475 or PT006 )

£105.73 inc VAT and mainland UK delivery.