Part three - by Steve Huck

Just to make things look nicer I cut the peak of the lifter valley down. This step is unnecessary and won’t be seen when assembled but I wanted mine to resemble the real thing so I took the time.

There it is. Now you need to tap all the holes and deburr the piece. The text and photo’s represent almost a week worth of work. I worked on it a few hours a night and all day Saturday. After the heads and intake manifold are complete, bolt them on and then drill the distributor hole. That way you know the holes in the block and intake will be in perfect alignment.

The head was made by cutting a piece of aluminum to the basic outside dimensions. From there the rocker arm surface was done first. The step that the valve cover sits on cuts right thru the valve cover holes. For this reason they should be drilled first. After milling the outside of the ridge and milling the pocket, drill the holes that will accept the rocker studs.

Now from the bottom the holes are drilled to mount the head. The pushrod holes and water jackets are addressed also. The final water passage is just a straight slot instead of the circular one shown.

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