As usual at Alexandra Palace, there was a wide selection of models to enjoy. Here is just a small selection. Again we have some more fine Meccano models - this time early locomotives by Colin Davies based on original drawings. Also some excellent locomotives from castings. We particularly enjoyed seeing the 61xx (the fondly remembered ‘tanner-oners’ from school days) in 7.25” gauge, originally built by the late Keith Wilson and since restored to fine condition by Jeremy Dunn. Also in that gauge, Graham Brooker’s diesel shunter was impressive and looking like a comfortable drive.

There were some interesting hot air engines such as the award-winning one by Ray McMahon, now in the SMEE  collection, David Nunes De Lamater pumping engine, and Bob Walker’s LTD engine running continuously on just 5deg temperature difference.

Boats are always to the fore at Alexandra Palace with great displays from clubs like Victoria, including some excellent steam launches. Some great sailing craft as well, including the ever popular Thames barges.

Attendance at Ally Pally remains high, with the model engineers being augmented by north London family visits at the weekend, especially Sunday. See separate article.

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