Peter Aldridge’s


Pegasus (Mabel)

The last locomotive to be written up for model engineers to follow the ‘words and music’ of LBSC was based on a 2-4-0 LNWR Jumbo (officially Precedent Class) named Mabel. Curly gave most of the 55 locos he built women’s names and his wife was called Mabel, but usually referred to as Scotty. In fact, the original LNWR 619 was called Mabel, named by F. W. Webb after Mrs Stephenson. The loco was built in Crewe in 1896 and later became LMS 5060.

Curly described Mabel in Model Engineer magazine in 1966, and sadly died in 1967 before completion, although drawings were to become available in gauges from Gauge 1 to 5” and still are available in 3.5”.

Mabel was published following a change of regime at the magazine. Curly had fallen out with the new publishers in 1959 and resigned. Another change ow ownership in 1965 saw the new editorial bosses visit Purley Works to explain that the magazine was returning to its original Percival Marshall (the founder) style and to invite him to return to the fold. While there they saw the Jumbo and the articles were commissioned.

This model Mabel, seen at the 2013 Bristol show was built by Peter Aldridge and is of no 482 Pegasus.