While no-one would pretend that Meccano had the appeal for youngsters today that it had decades ago for simple constructions, it still has a fascination for those who can turns the metal strips into impressive models. At recent major events such as Bristol, Alexandra Palace, the MIdlands and Harrogate/Doncaster visitors cannot fail to have been super impressed by the ingenuity of the Meccano clan. So, here we have a small tribute to those who can make working models in the medium and some models that truly represent a prototype, despite the limitations of the building materials.

Krazy clock designed by Keith Cameron, built by Malcolm Hanson.
Blackpool Tower by Malcolm Hanson.
Bugatti Type 35 by Richard Smith based on a David Northcott design, later made available as a kit. Colour is Halford’s Gadget Blue - close to the Bugatti French Blue.
Duchess of Hamilton also by Richard Smith.
Three-hold cargo ship by K Hopper.
Ball game by Phil Drew.
The famous 1934 MG Magnette racing car fitted with Brooklands exhaust.
1930s Brooklands garage.
1931 MG F2 Magna boat tail.
Type 35 Bugatti on rolling road.
MG L Salonette, 1933, built by Peter, re-fuelling at 1/6 (£0.075) a gallon.

Rowers at Bristol.
Another clock.


12 - 14 May 2017