Part 14 by Franco Pucci

Back end and mid-section part 2

The feed-pump casting I purchased (top right) was, unfortunately, unusable due to warpage - the body and the neck were offline by about 4mm. I decided to try to make one from scratch.

Centring the feed-pump on the 4-jaw chuck was quite a challenge, but luckily I still had to face the sides, so once centred I could clamp it quite tight in the jaws. I needed to machine the inlet first as a reference to get the correct angle for the cylinder bore.

Inlet machined and tapped - now I could base all the cylinder machining (bore and flange) from this reference.

The sides were then faced to the correct dimensions.

Drilling and tapping the flange holes.

Once the cylinder bore was done, I mounted the pump onto a mandrel to machine the flange neck.

Flange completed (both sides).

Amazing what was hiding in that brass plate all the time...

The completed feed pump. It was a difficult machining job, especially getting all the angles holes to meet correctly, but very rewarding in the end.

Making a start on the blower valve.

Silver and soft soldering completed.

The completed blower valve.

Fitted valve. Next time I make a start on the engine block.

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