Part six by Franco Pucci

Boiler continued

Bending the boiler wrapper plate using the boiler as a former.

Boiler wrapper plate firebox wrapper plate, and crown head stays bent and ready for drilling and assembly

All the boiler copper bits bent, drilled, and ready for assembly.

The foundation ring silver soldered and ready for a cleanup prior to drilling for the rivets.

Trial fitment of the firebox and foundation ring to the boiler wrapper.

Trial assembly.

Couldn't resist putting a few of the completed pieces together to see the traction engine start to appear. The fun was about to start…

I silver soldered the boiler tube to the tender using a higher temperature solder than the rest of the silver soldered parts to avoid the boiler tube drooping when I soldered the rest - the first attempt at this resulted in me scrapping the boiler since I used the same solder throughout - big mistake.

The firebox soldered and ready for a little straightening and cleaning.

Fitting the boiler tubes just prior to soldering to the firebox. The tube plate soldering would be done later.

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