Part 11 by Franco Pucci

Back end - part 2

Fairlead and drawbar assemblies completed and ready for mounting.

Trial fit of the tender. The strengthening plates were eventually left out.

View from the other side. The tender rim was made form 4mm diameter brass rod sanded half way on its diameter all the way along the length and soldered in place.
Marking out the reverse lever quadrant -  I eventually landed up making another blank and only notching it once fitted and I could see the correct positions of the lever catch.
The completed (incorrect) quadrant.
The assembled reversing lever.
The completed brake lever assembly.
Machining the brake pads from a piece of hardwood.
Enough of this build - let me outa here!.
This hardwood ring ring would be used to make the individual brake pads.
The completed brake pads ready for assembly onto the brake strap.
View showing the brake drum and pads assembled, along with the brake lever. The brake drum was machined from a solid piece of stainless steel bar stock - and boy, did it take a while on my small lathe…

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