Part 12+1 by Franco Pucci

Back end part 4 and mid-section part 1

Machining a mandrel for the brake drum and winding drum. Superglue was used to mount the parts on for machining after machining one side.

The winding and brake drums were manufactured from stainless steel bar stock.

Machining the brake drum.

Completed brake drum.

Brake drum showing the driving pin.

Cable winding drum machined. Sorry about the focus (probably the sweat after all that machining… this really took a while.

The setup for machining the driving centre blank.

Machining the teeth.

The completed rear axle driving centre.

Looks okay from here.

Some of the completed water gauge fittings.

Trial fit of the gauge glass.
Fitted gauge glass.

More fittings - water banjo .

And even more fittings - water banjo and bypass valve.

The completed bypass valve.

Next week I make a start on the middle bits…

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