The engine block

Starting to machine some flat sides on the casting so that I had a reference.

I used a fly-cutter set at the boiler radius to get the arc at the base of the engine block to match the boiler.

Boring the cylinder for the piston sleeve.

To get the curved parts, I machined as far as I could, and then it was down to filing and sand papering.

The machined engine block before fitting the piston sleeve.

All the (rather complex) holes and ports done.

The piston sleeve before fitting to the engine block. This was silver soldered in place.

The piston ready to be trial fitted. I used a Nitrile O-ring as the seal - not sure how long this will last. The plans called for  a Teflon seal but I could not get it to go onto the piston grove no matter how long I heated it in boiling water to soften it. Someone may be able to offer some advice?

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