Part 17 by Franco Pucci

Crankshaft and gear change bits

The crankshaft blanks. Ready for silver soldering prior to machining.
The machining was done using an indexing head to get all the proper angles.
The machined crankshaft. I spun this on the lathe and the runout was minimal.
Trial fit of the crankshaft and eccentrics.
Next came all the keyway slots.
The keyway slots completed.
And a completed crankshaft with all the bits mounted. All the gears are imported as the original imperial sizes - and they fitted and meshed perfectly. I will be replacing these at some point in the future when I get the courage to make them myself.
The gear change lever was made from a stainless steel plate.
The completed gear centres and sleeves.
The completed gear change lever assembly.
The fully assembled crankshaft and gear change lever.

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