Part 19 by Franco Pucci

More bits and pieces

Attempt 1 at making the worm gear for the steering - epic fail!

Attempt 2 for the steering worm - another fail…

Attempts 3 to 5 - all failed.

Eventually, I decided to make a tool to hog out a worm wheel. Never done one before so that is why it took me so long to attempt this method. I cut an ACME thread on the tool and same thread on the brass worm gear blank.

Cutting the teeth.

The completed tool prior to hardening. I put a little relief on the back of the cutting surface with a file.

And the (final) attempt. I first cut some teeth on the worm wheel using an indexer and tried to get as close to the correct angle as I could.

And the final result was very satisfying!

I made this awesome jig for holding small parts and drilling holes in shafts (centrally) and it was a worthwhile investment in time. See the Clickspring Youtube channel if you want plans.

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