Part 21 - conclusion - by Franco Pucci

A final tour

This has been (for me) a monumental build. It has taught me so much about machining, copper forming, patience, silver soldering, patience, attention to detail, patience, and after all that, the results were very rewarding, especially seeing the engine start up and run for the first time.

This episode shows some of the pictures of the final build. I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this series.

Left hand side view of the completed traction engine. Just need to hammer in the retaining pin on the flywheel.

A steam test was done in September 2017 - almost three years after the build started - and it ran! Quite a few small leaks here and there, but you know, the real thing probably leaked all over the place anyway. If I get the courage, I will fix some of them.

Front view. The only parts that are mild steel in the whole build are the chimney and the smoke box door - I will have to do something about that…
Close-up of the engine block and linkage. And yes, I can reverse it while it's running (apparently this is a good test to see if the linkage is built right).
The tender and firebox view showing the gas tank. Must put in a cable for the winch..
The right hand side - still missing the feed pump. Probably the most challenging hole I have ever drilled was the hinge hole (1.5mm diameter) through the edge of the water filler flap (bottom left in the picture). Once I get some gear cutting tools, I will make the gears from bronze or stainless.

And it was all built for…Liam.

Thank you once again to Julius De Waal for the excellent drawings.

Now … what next?

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