Part five by Franco Pucci

The Boiler - part 2

Making the smoke box tube plate. Very new experience for me (forming copper), but quite satisfying to see this part come to light. I had to anneal this several times to be able to complete it, as with the rest of the copper formed bits. For the annealing I used an oxy-acetylene torch.

Taking shape. It was 3mm thick copper so it took quite a bit of forming.

Tidying up the tube plate on the lathe.

The cleaned up piece prior to drilling for the boiler tubes and stays, together with the hard wood former I used to shape it.

The reverse side.

The final drilled tube plate.

Cutting and shaping the boiler throat plate. This was also formed on a hardwood former.

The throat plate drilled to accept the stays and the foundation ring.

Bashing out the boiler back head.

The formed backhead ready for drilling and cutting of the door opening.

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