Part seven by Franco Pucci

Boiler continued...

Making the pump mounting plate - the fly cutter is set to the outside radius of the boiler tube. It is important to get this radius exact since the part is soldered onto the boiler and you do not want any leaks here!

The completed feed pump mounting plate. I added a spacer made from phenolic between the pump and the plate to shield the pump from some of the heat from the boiler. I had read that the heat from the boiler affected the performance of the feed pump so I decided to add it.

All the chimney saddle steam fittings from the blower valve assembled into the chimney seat.

The assembled blower and chimney saddle.

The foundation ring silver soldered and ready for a cleanup prior to drilling for the rivets.

Internal view of the soldered firebox.

Boiler tubes fitted prior to soldering.

Internal view of the soldered boiler tubes.

External view of the soldered boiler tubes showing a good fillet.

Making the bronze boiler side stays - could not find any ready made bronze stays.

Some of the completed stays.

Stays fitted and ready for soldering.

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