The Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition was its usual busy self in 2015, with plenty of exhibits to enjoy and shopping to be had. And plenty of visitors clearly evident from the almost full large parking area before even going in.

Once inside there was plenty to admire. So much so that we are splitting this report in two - there is just too much to digest in one sitting.

One big impression this year was that the variety of models on view is changing. While there still are plenty of locomotives, other types of model seem to be gaining in popularity.

In this report we include models that caught your reporter’s eye. Some because they are beautifully finished show stoppers, some because they are different, some that are nostalgic or inspiring in some way.

The Midland show is a four-day event which gives the possibility to attract plenty of visitors without serious overcrowding. Its location, right in the middle of England, makes it accessible to most parts of the country, as well as the Midlands hot-bed of model engineering. Indeed, the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre (to give it its official title) is now home to a variety of events throughout the year, not just those connected with the businesses housed at the same location.

It is always a wonderfully relaxed event - by design. Meridienne Exhibitions is a fully staffed, professional outfit. Clubs love it. They keep coming back in numbers every year. So do the traders. 

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