Guy Harding



This milk tanker was originally built to diagram 1994 for the LMS between 1937 and 1941. Although the chassis was owned by the railway company the tanks were owned by the dairies and they could be removed, although this rarely happened in practice. The tank on 44066 was originally owned by United Dairies. The model is finished in the plain silver livery of United Creameries during the British Railways period.

Guy Harding’s model, photographed at the 2017 Midlands Exhibition, was constructed from components produced by Dave Noble including the pre-bent U-channel, cast axle boxes, rolled tank body and cast resin ends. The majority of other components were fabricated or drawn up and laser cut. The chassis is hand riveted with copper rivets.

The standard LMS chassis has clasp brake gear acting on the outer wheels only. Brake gear is standard type pin and rack. The draw-hooks are fitted to the headstocks rather than a through-bar type.

Wheels are 3' 7.5” disc type and were turned from solid bar to GL5 profile. The leaf springs are cut from phosphor bronze strip with turned brass springs dampers with rubber discs. Spring hangers were from castings by Dave Noble. Axle boxes were cast from white meta! with dry running nylon bushes.

Splasher plates have been added and these were welded onto the subframe. Tank supports are from moulded resin. Buffers were turned from stock steel and fit through cast white metal headstocks,

The tank is of the single outlet type with an off-centre manhole, filler and gantry. The gantry was designed and developed from photos of tanker 44002 which is preserved. AutoCad drawings were produced and the parts laser cut.

An etched name and number plate was commissioned.