IMLEC 2012

Report from the Northern Association of Model Engineering Societies

THIS YEAR’S competition was held over the weekend of 9-10 June at Southport Model Engineering Club's track in Southport in the sunny north west of England. Well, it was sunny on the second day of the two day event, but the first day was more reminiscent of the last time the club hosted the event IN 2006, wet and windy. On that occasion your website editor rose at five thirty in order to get to the track and steam up in time for the first run of the weekend at 8am in pouring rain!  

This time the event proceeded at a more leisurely pace with 17 entrants leaving time for a couple of reruns. Some of the regulars were missing this year, perhaps daunted by the distance, but it was good to see a decent turnout of NAME officers including chairman Frank Cooper, treasurer Richard Guthrie, and boiler registrar Alan Reid, a regular runner at the event, It was good to see former secretary Nigel Thompson there too along with his locomotive Betty and his good lady of the same name.  We are indebted to Derrick Baguley of the host club for most of the photographs. 

The Birmingham dynamometer car was used on this occasion and performed faultlessly, as ever.

The first slot was scheduled for a much more civilised 10am, occupied by local member and serial winner Marcus Peel who entered his Sweet Pea variant 'Edward Thomas'  (just to confuse the cognoscenti!). Once again he was overall winner with 1.378% efficiency and our picture shows him receiving the slate wagon trophy from Northern Association Chairman Frank Cooper.    We have some pictures also of Billy Silcock of Urmston, runner up Model Engineer of the Year, 2011. Billy drove Jim Moyle's powerful Beyer Peacock 0-6-2 engine to finish in sixth place.

Ben Pavier stokes John Hartup's magnificent K1 ready for the run

Trefor Milns of Shrewsbury & Rugeley on 4-4-0 Joan

Roy Holt of Rochdale drives his WASP -- Was a Sweet Pea!

Nigel Thompson of Erewash Valley with his 3½ inch Hunslet Betty

Mike Barnet drives Jess towards the turning loop and eventually to second place


Keith Tilbury drives his Polly through the ingenious track transfer system

Billy Silcock of Urmston on Beyer Peacock 0-6-2T

Marcus Peel receiving 1st prize