The WM-250V-F is an all new variable speed lathe from Warco. It is based on the long-standing and popular WM-250 Lathe, but now benefits from the addition of power cross feed.  This is perhaps the size of lathe that would best suit the largest number of model engineers.

Features include:

  1. Two speed bands allow maximum torque in the lower speeds

  2. Infinitely variable from 50 to 2,000 rpm

  3. Double V-bedway - hardened and ground

  4. Adjustable gibs to slideways

  5. Offset facility to tailstock

  6. Tailstock quill engraved metric and imperial

  7. Reversible motor

  8. Metric and imperial thread cutting

  9. Reversible leadscrew for left hand threading

  10. Thread dial indicator

  11. Zero / friction dials

  12. Powerful 900w motor

  13. High torque in the low speed range.

Supplied with a range of accessories and tools, including:

  1. Swarf tray

  2. Read splash guard

  3. Face plate

  4. Three jaw 125mm self centre chuck with inside and outside jaws

  5. Fixed steady

  6. Travelling steady

  7. Safe interlock chuck guard

  8. Two dead centres

  9. Thread dial indicator

All of the above comes with no additional charge.  Comprehensive range of spare parts is available.  Each machine is guaranteed.

Every lathe is fully run and tested by Warco’s engineers before despatch, and is supplied with an individual accuracy test report.

Available in metric or imperial, the WM-250 is supplied fully assembled and ready to go with free delivery service.

When it arrives just plug it in and go.

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