Warco has added two new milling machines to its range, powered by new inverter drives. First is an uprated version of the VMC - popular with model engineers for 40 years.

The VMC has long had what Warco describes as “robust, heavy duty construction, giving dependable and highly precise long term performance.” Now, the VMC Vario benefits from the maximum flexibility offered by the inverter drive, as well as a more powerful two horse power motor. To achieve maximum torque in the low speed range, there is one belt change of the US made Gates tooth belt, which transmits vibration free drive. 

Features include:

  1. Head tilts left to right, calibrated to 45°

  2. 360° rotation on horizontal axis

  3. One shot lubrication system to slideways and leadscrews to ensure prolonged machine life

  4. R8 spindle taper

  5. Traditional design with elevating knee, supported on double dovetail vee ways to ensure positive alignment

  6. Metric leadscrews

  7. Tapered gibs to X, Y and Z axes

  8. Rack and pinion feed and calibrated fine feed to quill

  9. Locks to X, Y and Z axes

  10. Interlock belt guard

  11. Cabinet stand included

  12. New disengageable handwheels on longitudinal feeds

  13. New digital rev counter

  14. New powerful 1500w motor

Each mill comes complete with the following equipment:

  1. New LED low voltage lighting

  2. Cabinet stand

  3. Drawbar

  4. Toolbox and maintenance tools

  5. Operation manual and spare parts list

Warco adds: “Designed with the engineer in mind, each machine is truly built to last. Over the course of decades we've being supplying machines, we've built up a very comprehensive range of spare parts for all our machines including the VMC, should you ever need anything, as well as a large range of mill accessories and additional tools.

“Optional equipment includes wide coolant tray, DRO and power feeds.

We've always prided ourselves on our after sales service - rest assured that you're in safe hands.

“Every milling machine we supply is fully checked and tested by a member of our qualified team, and is supplied with an individual accuracy test report.”

£2269.00 - Price includes UK mainland delivery.

Second new machine is the Super Major Vario milling machine, based on the Super Major, with infinite speed control via an inverter drive.

Other upgrades include two axis digital readout incorporating glass linear coolant proof  scales, a digital depth gauge to measure spindle travel and digital rev counter to monitor speed.

To ensure maximum torque in the lower speed range, there is a back gear which is engaged by a single lever control.

This machine has an enhanced speed range - now with a top speed of 2,500 rpm.

As well as the new speed control system and DRO, the Super Major Vario includes all the equipment supplied with the regular Super Major such as stand, pre-installed longitudinal power feed and powered head which eliminates the need to manually crank the head for elevation and descent.

Features include:

  1. Power elevation and descent to head on machined dovetail slideways

  2. Large square column casting ensures maximum rigidity

  3. Pendant control switch

  4. Close tolerance headstock gears ensures quiet operation

  5. Safe, low voltage electric circuit which easily incorporates overload

  6. Interlock chuck guard

  7. Table locks to X and Y axes

  8. Tapered gibs on X, Y and Z axes

  9. Large diameter spindle supported by roller bearings

  10. Rack and pinion drilling feed

  11. Calibrated fine feed

  12. Spindle depth lock

  13. Concertina dust covers to slideways


Standard equipment includes:

  1. New 2 axis DRO - digital readout counter & glass linear optical scales

  2. New Digital rev counter

  3. New Digital depth gauge to measure quill travel

  4. New LED low voltage lighting

  5. Cabinet stand

  6. Power feed to R8 spindle

  7. Power feed to longitudinal axis

  8. Drawbar

  9. 13mm drill chuck

  10. Arbor for drill chuck

  11. Tool box and maintenance tools

  12. Operation manual and spare parts list

£3500.00 inc VAT

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