New from Chronos is a series of rotary tables by Soba. Pictured above is the 3” version.

Overall height of table is 1.5" - a useful feature if it is to be used with smaller milling attachments. The table can be locked in any position. The vertical 1.5”  centre height bringing the table within the range of most model engineering lathes and mills. Can also be fitted to a vertical slide.

The hand wheel scale which can be zeroed, is marked in degrees and 10 min divisions. The table is calibrated in 5 deg increments around the rim. Bronze worm wheel and steel worm with 36 to 1 ratio. Gear meshing is adjustable to take up wear.

It comes complete with 4-jaw chuck, tailstock and clamping kit for £141.42 inc VAT and UK mainland delivery.

A 4” version is also available at £142.99 inc. Others in 5” and 6” are also available. As are dividing plate sets, three jaw chucks, Myford adapters, and so on.

More information here.

Chronos has also introduced new Dro digital readout system glass optical linear scales, which can be used in conjunction with new two and three axis readout displays.