For use with a bench grinder
By Gary Sneesby
3. Cder

I have been working for some time at Eccentric Engineering on a small tool sharpening system that can be used with any 6" (150mm) or 8" (200mm) bench grinder.
The Acute system will enable users to shape accurately, and sharpen, a wide variety of workshop cutting tools such as basic lathe tools, screw cutting tool bits, parting/grooving tools, end mills/slot drills, multi flute countersinks, flat bottom drills, centre drills etc.
A double parallel linkage on the work arm allows tool angles to be pre-set, the tool holder block can then be moved all over the table without changing the pre-set angle. 
Various inserts can be held in the tool block then rotated and locked to give a second tool angle. The third tool angle is achieved by raising/lowering/or tilting the table. 

The system will be available in several options.
1. As a set of drawings and instructional DVD - for the customer to make the whole thing from scratch.
2. As a kit of parts including the drawings, DVD, materials, laser cut parts, fixings and fasteners. The customer would then do the finish machining and assembly.

3. As a fully finished system ready to be assembled and attached to your own bench grinder.

The laser cut parts are shown below. The table brackets will be supplied in the kit pre-folded as shown.

Some of the parts will be spot drilled using drilling jigs. This will enable the customer to finish drill, ream, or tap the holes in the components to complete them and avoid the need for a dividing head or complex marking out.

We'll be heading to the Northern Hemisphere in the first week of May to exhibit our products, including the Diamond Tool Holder, at the 2015 Harrogate National Model Engineering Exhibition.
We look forward to seeing many of you there.
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