A whole raft of new tooling items is now available from Chronos. Here are some of them.

Dasqua Drill Point Gauge

•Made of stainless steel,polished.

•Used for drills with tip angle 118°,up to ?50mm.

•Hardened,ground and lapped.



£4.74 INC

DASQUA Precision  dial bore gauges.

Six models available.

Dasqua precision dividers and calipers

Different lengths available. 


Dasqua Machinist’s Grade Dial Caliper 

  1. Strictly made in accordance with DIN862.
    • Knife edge contacts for both inside and

   outside measurements
• Four-way measuring for outside,inside,

   depth and step.
• Hardened, ground and lapped 

   measuring surfaces.
• Smooth movement throughout.
• Solid stainless steel construction.
• Shockproof gearing.



£20.56 inc

Mini Lathe metal hand wheel and lever upgrade kit.

For Clarke CL300 SIEG C2/C3 and most other variable speed type Mini Lathes.

Includes :

£55.80 INC

Mini Piston Type Quick Change Toolpost Set

This new mini piston type quick change

toolpost set provides instant tool changeover

from one operation to another. 

It is fully hardened and ground and the

working parts have maximum rigidity and

provide chatter free performance. Units

are completely sealed for maintenance

free operation. Each QC tool post set

comes with three different styles of tool holders

for turning, facing, and boring operations. 

Seven Piece Combined Wiggler Centre

Finder Set

£17.95 INC

BA box spanner set. 


Dasqua telescopic bore gauge set 

5/16 - 6 " 


£17.94 INC


Set of machinist’s jacks.


A set of four machine jacks in a handy carry case.

Used for levelling on fixtures, drill presses,

milling machines, planers, and electric

appliances or any place where levelling is required.

Heavy cast steel base with adjustable screw and

tilting head and locknut for permanent positioning

3" high (4" when fully extended.

New Flip Up Display Caliper -

Can be used right or left handed  

Measures 0-150MM / 0-6"

Resolution 0.01MM / 0.0005"


 £32.00 INC

Dasqua Premium Parallel Set 

 •Made from high-grade alloy steel,hardened and ground.
•Height specification relate to consistency within each pair.
•Hardness:50 HRC.
14 pairs
•10 mm*150mm*(14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32,35,40,45,50mm)


 Dasqua 80 KG Magnetic Base (Base only)


• Smooth switch on/off. 

• V-base for placing on round surfaces. 

• Black wrinkle finish on non-working surfaces. 

• High quality permanent magnet

80KG    /60 X 50 X 55 MM


£8.65 INC 

Dasqua Mini Dial Gauges

• Strictly made in accordance with DIN878 

• Jeweled bearing.

• Metal casing diameter: 38mm, shank: 8mm. 

• With calibration certificate.

Two models available 

Come complete with spare backing plate with lug

Dasqua Digital Angle Gauge

with Flip Out Display

•With flip-out tilting display.

•Ultra-precise magnetic gauge sets

the angle of saw blades, jointer fences,

bandsaw tables and drill press tables.

•Measures both absolute level and

relative bevel with reading that are always visible.

•V-groove in base for round objects

like pipe and drill bits.


Range: +/- 180 degrees

Reading: 0.1 degrees

Accuracy: +/- 0.1 degrees

Repeatability : +/- 0.1 degrees

Size: 2.2" x 2.3" x 1.3"

£28.39 INC

Dasqua Three Points Inside Micrometer Sets

Various Models Available 


• Strictly made in accordance with DIN863 

• Carbide measuring face 

• Satin chrome-plated scales and operating parts 

• Self-aligning and self-centering 

  1. Ratchet stop provides uniform measuring

pressure and assures highest reading accuracy 

• No-removable anvils. 

  1. Supplied with extension and

adjust setting ring(optional) 

• With setting ring gauge


Dasqua Micrometer Sets

Strictly made in accordance with DIN863

Ratchet stop

Spindle lock

Carbide measuring faces

Satin chrome finish with heat shield

Setting standards included

Complete in a fitted case