Dual display mini digital height gauge

All new product - compact digital height gauge with dual digital display.

£49 inc VAT



  1. Measuring capacity 165mm

  2. Digital counter which can be read from both sides - with dual display output

  3. Inch and metric reading

  4. Zero function

  5. On/off to preserve battery life

  6. Hardened stainless steel vernier

  7. Calibrated in mm x 1mm/inch x 1/10”

  8. Hardened scribing tip

  9. Heavy, cast iron ground base for maximum stability

  More details from Warco.

Milling attachment

This attachment adds the functions of a milling machine to the Warco WM 240, WM 250 and WM 250V-F lathes. Secured by allen screws, it securely attaches to the lathe to convert it into an all in one combination machine with the added ability to perform milling tasks. £520 inc VAT.

Available in metric.


Features include:

  1. Infinitely variable speed range from 50-2250 rpm

  2. Dovetail column ensures positive location

  3. Precision spindle supported on taper roller bearings

  4. Adjustable gibs to slideways

  5. Head tilt  +/-  90°

  6. Positive adjustable stop to vertical position

  7. Rack and pinion drill feed plus fine feed for highly accurate machining

  8. Locks to head, column and spindle

  9. Digital metric / imperial depth gauge

  10. Digital rev counter

  11. Forward / reverse motor

  12. Captive drawbar which avoids the need to strike the drawbar to release the tooling

  13. Machined 'flats' on spindle to prevent rotation with supplied spanner during tooling change

  14. Full specification of the milling head the equivalent of the WM 14 Mill.

  More details from Warco.