This model of the single cylinder R&B stationary engine  was  made by Ian Strickland and displayed at the Model Engineer Exhibition.  It is a 150cc open crank, horizontal 4-stroke petrol engine, 2 1/4" bore, 2 3/4" stroke, and about 1/2HP, with battery and coil ignition. Design maximum speed is 750 RPM.

This engine was made from castings and major parts from Polly Model Engineering between December 2011 and July 2013. It is a full size gas engine, typical of the early 20th century, and was serialized in Model Engineer in the early 1980s by R White and Bruce Davey - hence ‘R&B’.

The Lucas C40 dynamo and regulator was rescued from an old Mini and keeps the battery charged. Zamac (ZA12) zinc alloy was used for casting the pulleys, and the poly V-belt is from a washing machine.

The metal base to raise the engine to provide clearance for the flywheel was made from bed angle welded to form a sort of capital "Z".

Stainless steel was used for all the fixings. The fuel tank and carburettor are from an old Seagull outboard engine bought off eBay.

Construction was carried out on a Myford Super 7B lathe and a Trident horizontal mill, with a vertical head.

Ian Strickland’s