Barry Morgan’s



River Queen is a design by Vic Smeed of a 1:12 scale model steam launch of the early 1900s. Barry Morgan displayed this version at the 2013 Midlands Exhibition. Originally designed to be built plank on frame, Barry chose rather to use a Kingston Mouldings glass fibre hull. He simulated the clinker construction on the inside with think plywood planking, Araldited into place. Timbers over the planking were attached with superglue. An aluminium cradle allows easy changing of the power plant.

Vic Smeed was editor of Model Maker and Model Boats at Model and Alliied Press. He was also to become editorial director of Model Engineer magazine when MAP took over the original publishers of ME, Percival Marshall and Co, after one of its periods of decline. In 1965 the venerable ME started to turn round, not least because the great LBSC was reinstated, by then in his 80s, after his tenure had been cut short in 1959 by the previous owners. Vic and the new regime also reinstated the Model Engineer Exhibition.

Vic Smeed designed dozens of boats. Also many aircraft, for the late and much lamented Aeromodeller, another victim of an incomprehensible corporate decision. He also wrote many practical books on modelling which remain popular.