RONALD Binns, a retired as a haulage business owner, happened to meet a model maker 30 years ago when he purchased model wagon. “I was very impressed as his hands were crippled up with arthritis,” he recalled.
“It gave me the bug. I will not allow any task to defeat me and the job has to be right. I entered five Models in the 51st Model engineering Exhibition held at Wembley was awarded Gold, Silver, Bronze and two Highly Recommended,” reported Ron on the website of the Guild of Model Wheelwrights. 
“I went through several years of poor health and being dosed up with pills, put me in a very depressed frame of mind and I lost my will, spirit and patience, so model making was off my menu. My heart was blessed with a second lease, I went off all medication, my spirit blooming and my stride in lift-off mode, happy to be back in my little wooden hut in my garden.” 
All Ron's Models are made in 1/8th scale.
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Delivery Van 
A light one horse van of the type used by bakers, butchers and grocers for town deliveries.These vans vans were usually turned out very smartly to maintain the reputation of their owners. Ron has made a fine job of the sign writing and the neat 'lining out' on the shafts, and each wheel spoke.

Milk Float 
This design is from John Thompson's plans. The actual full-size vehicle can be seen in the National Dairy Museum at Wellington Country Park, near Reading. Ron has again made a most attractive job of the sign writing and 'lining out'.  The brass milk churn and measuring can were made by Ron, as were the two lamps.  There is also a compartment where the butter is kept.  Wheels have rubber tyres.

The Brewers Dray
This is a Barrie Voisey Youngs Brewery design and a real challenge to a serious model maker. Ron spiced it up with two tone blue and many many hours of fine line painting. 

Carrier's Van 
This is from plans of Barrie Voisey's. A two horse van once very popular for deliveries to shops. It has both front and rear doors. Firms such as Huntley & Palmer and Tate & Lyle had fleets of these vans.

Open Landau 
This was made in commemoration of HRH The Queen Mother. 1900-2002 in a pre-redevelopment Royal Ascot setting.

American Curtain Rockaway 
Built from John Thompson’s plans and caused many a headache. The models were displayed in a shed. Having inadequate ventilation the heat from the sun cracked the cellulose paint. In trying to strip off the paint with paint stripper and cellulose thinners it melted the joints and it fell to pieces. On rebuilding it came very close to having the hammer put through it. Ron’s advice: only the serious model maker should attempt this model.