Our Model of the Week isn’t a model, and it is really unusual. Dare we say unique?

We can see how it might work, although with two revolvers arranged barrel-to-barrel that might be self-destruct rather than ‘work’.

David Cotterrell describes it as: An Experimental Mechanism to Play Russian Roulette.

It was displayed at the 2013 Model Engineer Exhibition at Sandown Park. Bet ‘elf and safety scratched their heads over this one.

As they say on TV: “Don’t try this at home!”

They do things different in the City where Russian roulette is a “draconian solution to a deadlock, a Russian roulette provision requires one of the two deadlocked parties to serve a notice on the other party, and the serving party will name an all-cash price at which it values a half interest in the business. The party receiving the notice then has the option to either buy the other party out, or sell out to the other party, at that price,” according to Wikipedia. So that’s what its called!