Roy O‘Neill’s


7.25” GAUGE

As the 2015 London Model Engineering Exhibition is about to get underway at Alexandra Palace, we look back to one of the highlights from the previous year. This magnificent newly-built Thomas II locomotive Samson was shown by Roy O’Neill from the 7 1/4 Inch Gauge Society. It was for sale. Based on Roger Marsh's Thomas II design, reworked as a compact tender engine, it has been popular with commercial miniature railway operators since the first one was built in 1979 and is still running at the Beer Heights Light Railway. It is a powerful engine capable of pulling 40 passengers all day long.

The Marsh design has 3½in bore by 4¼in stoke cylinders, 9½in driving wheels, Walschaerts valve gear and a 10¾in diameter boiler. The original Thomas II was named by the well-known west country band The Wurzels on one of the busiest days the railway has ever seen.