Malcolm and Tony Wiese’s


The 6-ton Scarab was introduced by Scammell Lorries of Watford in 1948 to replace the iconic Mechanical Horse, produced from 1933, and used extensively by railway companies for carrying out local deliveries. Both models were also extensively used by breweries and in factory yards where space was at a premium. Local Authorities were also large users - mainly for street cleaning, gully emptying, and so on.

An important feature of these wagons was a revolutionary automatic coupling arrangement for fast hitching and de-coupling.

The model represents a Scarab owned by the Bridgewater Transport Department for the Manchester Ship Canal Company. It was used for deliveries to and from their warehouses in the Castlefields area of Manchester in the 1950s and 60s.

The model, photographed at Harrogate in 2013, is built to a 1:6 scale, and took three years to complete. It is based on copies of the original general arrangement drawings. It is fitted with a 12 volt motor and radio control. The interesting coupling gear and lights work.