Alan Beasley’s



The model that Alan is building is to his own design and is based on information from various sources, both from books and the internet. It is to 1/8 scale of a typical standard gauge 2-truck 3 cylinder engine.  The 3-cylinder engine has bores of 36mm and a stroke of 38mm. The piston valves are operated by Stephensons valve gear.

Alan tells us:

  1. The gear ratio from engine to wheels is 1.75:1.    

  2. The boiler has four superheater flues using stainless steel radiant type superheater elements.

  3. The buck eye couplers come from the USA, (Railroad Warehouse). 

  4. All of the castings, apart from the wheels, are to my design, for which I made the patterns and coreboxes.

  5. The castings were produced by Finch Seaman Enfield in Braintree .

The Lima Shay locomotive was the most numerous of the type of locomotives known as geared locomotives, the other common types being Heisler and Climax. They were developed for North American logging operations to cope with uneven, tightly radiused and steeply graded tracks.

A large range of locomotives was produced varying from small narrow gauge 10ton 2-truck two cylinder engines to 150 ton 4-truck mainline monsters. Fuels could be wood, coal or oil.

Photographs are from the London exhibition at Alexandra Palace.