By Julius de Waal

Some years back MEWS published the drawings for Toby, the simplest passenger hauling locomotive you can build. It is ideal for beginners and those looking for a ‘quickie’. It is a most successful design and can be run on 2.5” tracks or, slightly modified, on 3.5”. Many are being built and many have been completed to Steve Eaton’s design. With its simple marine type boiler and slip eccentric valve gear it is a so much easier to build and run than any other ‘beginners’ locomotives.

Now Julius de Waal has produced a beginners road steam design with his new drawings for a steam roller. It could not be much simpler. It is a good project for a beginner to traction engines, or as a second project for anyone that has built a simple steam engine. This design does include gears, which the novice might prefer to avoid making. However, commercial products are probably available, possibly needing some modification.

As ever, drawings can be downloaded for personal use, but not for commercial purposes. This week we have the GA and boiler drawings.

Click on drawings to download. For personal use only.

Part two here.