by Andrew Giffen

Some great models have come out of South Africa, and many will remember the two superb 1.5" scale examples build by Basil Palmer and Ron Etter serialised in the ME magazine.  Here's another one to add to the stable, built by Jan Visagie over 13 years, closely following original North British maker's drawings and using handmade patterns for all castings.

In spite of the bleak outlook of today's preservation scene in South Africa, several examples of the 15F class escaped the cutter's torch and although only one is currently in service, a handful are in good condition, including one owned by famous wildlife artist and steam-man David Shepherd.  This model takes its cab number from David Shepherd's engine 3052.

The Glasgow riverside museum recently took delivery of a full-size example 3007, which has been restored to perfection, and was built in the same batch as 3052, in 1945.