Tiny van den Boom’s

In a simple Stirling engine the displacer can be horizontal and the piston vertical. Tiny Van den Boom has taken that a step further. Several steps, really. His latest engine is a five cylinder radial.

The five displacers are set out horizontally above a five jet gas ring which supplies the heat. The five pistons are arranged vertically and are joined by a crank arrangement which can be seen in one of the photos, beneath its Perspex cover.

Copper pipes link the cylinders and displacers. Shafts from the two elements are connected by bevel gears.

The end result is fascinating to watch. Made from Stainless steel, copper and brass, it is a most attractive and well made engine, as was Tiny’s earlier engine described on MEWS. That was the amazing Spider, details of which can be found here, together with details of how to obtain drawings.