Part two by Jason Ballamy

I could next start making holes in the main cylinder, starting with the one for the inlet boss.

Then the transfer port, I had to file the lower corners square after milling
The water inlet was a simple round threaded boss which was drilled and then finished with a 5/8" milling cutter.
The exhaust was again a round boss but being somewhat larger needed the boring head to form the hole.
Here are all the bits.
And here they are again all silver soldered together
Once the cylinder had cooled it was given a 1/2hr pickle to remove the scale and old flux then holding by the top of the cylinder the bore was taken out to final size and the bottom flange machined back to thickness. You can just see the fine brass coloured lines of the solder on the inside which is a good sign that it has flowed right into the joint.
After which it was reversed in the chuck, brought down to final height and a recess cut to take the lip of the liner. Then onto the mill and each of the bosses were finished off, this is the exhaust one which had the slot cut to final size and a couple of stud holes drilled and tapped
Then onto the rotary table for final shaping of the flange, followed buy stud holes and cooling slots for the head.