Roger Bunce
John Powell, who lives in Aukland, New Zealand, has sent me a photo of his Southern Hemisphere version of the Sun Clock that he’s just finished.  MEWS published a piece about adapting the Sun Clock for use in the Southern Hemisphere

As can be seen from the photo, the hours are marked anti-clockwise for Southern Hemisphere sundials. Clockwise is clockwise only because mechanical clocks were developed in the Northern Hemisphere and clockmakers adopted the convention of northern sundials.

The second important difference is that, since the shadow moves anti-clockwise, the Equation of Time correction has to be in the opposite direction to the original designed for northern climes.

In John’s version, the mechanical layout is a mirror image of the original i.e. the EoT cam is on the lefthand side. This avoids having to redesign the EoT cam. 

Ed: The original Sun clock series can be found at

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