Warco has been a firm favourite among model  engineers since the 1970s. Their successful lathes and milling machines have sold in thousands, and an extensive range of tooling is also available.

The Harrogate show is one of the most popular events in the UK. Every May. Not to be missed.

Eccentric Engineering is the Australian business that produces the world famous diamond tool-holder.

The Bristol Model Engineering Exhibition is one of the best in the UK and takes place in August.

Chronos sell engineering tools & model engineering supplies around the world via a speedy mail order service.

Meridienne Exhibitions are organizers of the highly popular Midlands and London model engineering exhibitions every year. Click the logo for more information.

PaulTheCAD is the choice for TurboCAD, Google Sketchup Pro, and more for model engineers.

Transwave for converters, inverters and motors. Click their logo

Camden Miniature Steam Services - top of the pops for model engineering books, DVDs, and so on.

Bristol Model Engineering Exhibition takes place every August. Not to be missed.