Warco has introduced a number of new items of tooling for model engineers, and Chronos has some old favourites newly available. Among the new items from Warco are:

  1. 1.A spring loaded tap guide for use in lathes, milling and drilling machines. The spring loaded point engages in the end of the tap. This can then be fed using a tap handle to ensure accurate inline tapping.

£6.50 inc VAT

  1. 2.Sets of feeler gauges with 26 leaves - metric or imperial.

£3.00 inc VAT

  1. 3.Small tap wrench. 3 - 10 mm

£9.50 inc VAT

  1. 4.Straight lathe dog 16mm

£3.50 inc VAT

  1. 5.ISO 30 adapter for 2MT or 3MT

£26.00 onc VAT

  1. 6.Bell punch for centring round bar. Max dia 35mm

£12.00 inc VAT

Among the many items now back in the Chronos list are:

  1. 1.Lathe die holder 13/16”.

£7.87 inc VAT

  1. 2.100mm rotary table with clamping kit.

  1. 3.Glanze grooving tooling.

  1. 4.Open ended MT sleeves.

  1. 5.Engineers’ squares.

  1. 6.Small angle plate for Myford.

  1. 7. 3MT indexable boring head.