S Horton


S Horton’s model is of a trapezium connecting rod engine is attributed to Professor Realeaux, who was professor of Kinematics at Charlotenburg University Berlin and was taken from a Dutch textbook published in the 1890s. As can be seen the connecting rod is in the form of a trapezium and completely encompasses the cylinder. The motion is most interesting and makes for an attractive model. It would probably have been in the range of 5 to 25 NHP. The base and brackets are aluminium castings. Gunmetal castings are used for the flywheel, cylinder, covers, steam-chest and eccentric strap. The connecting rod yokes are mild steel fabrications. The valve is of the slide valve type. To support the crankshaft there is an outrigger bearing.

Construction is quite straightforward and can be performed on a 3.5” (90mm) lathe such as the Myford series 7, with a gap bed. A milling machine does make some operations easier.

The model was designed by Anthony Mount in 1:12 scale and serialised in Engineering In Miniature from July 1997 to February 1998.


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