By Find Hansen

After building single-cylinder diesel engines I thought, that the next engine to build should be a two-cylinder vertical A-frame diesel engine, like the single-cylinder that I had built earlier. I was inspired by a blast injection Diesel engine, built by a Danish engine builder called B&W, in around 1910.  The bore-stroke is 20-40 mm. and the compression ratio is 21:1. Apart from the extra cylinder, the twin engine is identical to the single and built in the same way.                                        

Engine specifications:    

  1.         Engine built: 2012

  2.         Engine No: 1-012

  3.         Engine size: 2-cylinder - 24 cubic cm.

  4.         Fuel: Kerosene, mixed with 2% mineral engine oil

  5.         Engine lubrication: Mineral engine oil with a grade of 15-40 to 20-50.

  6.         Engine cooling system: Water cooled, using water pump.

  7.         Combustion chamber: In hollow piston crown.

  8.         Injection type: Direct injection.

  9.         Injector type: 12 degrees spring loaded needle valve injector             

Two and single-cylinder versions.
The oilers to the left and to the right are the cylinder oilers, and the one in the middle is the middle main bearing and big ends oiler. A small pipe, connected to the oiler, drips oil in to an oil cup on the middle main bearing. And from there the oil goes via drilled oil ways and, helped by the centrifugal force, to the big end bearings. It is rather important for a high compression diesel engine, to have the big end bearings lubricated all the time the engine is running.
The picture shows the fly ball governor connection to the camshaft. I use the same well- proven governor controlled injection pump system, as on my earlier fuel injection engines.
This picture shows the camshaft connection to the water pump eccentric. Above the camshaft is a thin shaft with two brass handles. The shaft is operated by the fly ball governor and linked to both injection pumps.
In the middle to the left of the photo above, is a device I made to enable the two injection pumps to be synchronised.