Part 14 by Vince Cutajar

Mated the eccentric strap and the eccentric strap extension together.  To drill the two 2mm holes, I used the extension strap extension as a template as the holes were already drilled in that.  Used a toolmakers clamp to hold both parts together while drilling.

Then made some 2mm hardware to bolt them together.

I think that 2mm hardware looks better than the 3mm that the plans called for.

Received the valve rockers from the laser cutters.  I made on purpose the two holes and the slot undersize so that I could open them up myself and make a clean hole and slot.  Opened up the slot from 4mm to 5mm.

Smoothed the outside edges of the rockers and push fit a brass blank in the middle 9mm hole.  Then drilled and reamed the brass bush 6mm.

The valve rockers finished.

Fitted all the parts I had for the cylinders and slide valves.  Spent most of a day polishing and fettling to get the slide valve mechanism to move smoothly. 

Started work on the Eccentric Rod End (item 56).  The plans call for them to be made from BMS with a bronze bush.  I was going to make them from aluminium with a brass bush but changed my mind and made them all brass.  All the operations are very similar to other rod ends I made previously.

Same operations as the other rod ends and again I used the square material in round collet trick which worked.

Eccentric rods finished.

Made the special bolts for the rod ends.

And all the bits and pieces fitted together for a family shot.

Made the Eccentric Sheaves ( item 52 ) exactly as per plans, i.e. in two parts.  Started work on the back part.

Then it was sawed off.

Back into the 3 jaw chuck and faced off to size.  I also marked the centre as I might need it later on.

Items finished. -

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