Part 7 by Vince Cutajar

Started work next on the cylinder end caps (items 17 - 20).

Used a home-made clamp to hold in the bandsaw.
For the drilling and tapping process for the cylinders and the end caps, first centred the cylinder with a coaxial indicator.
Then drilled the holes with the end cap in place and tapped the cylinder.
I wanted the location of the holes on the other side of the cylinder to be a mirror image of the side that I had already done.  So I drew a centre line which matched two of the holes on the other side.
Then clamped in the vice and indicated the centre line.
Indicated the the bore of the cylinder with the coaxial indicator and drilled and tapped the holes.  Not super accurate but as somebody would have said, "close enuf".

Next some work on the end caps. As these were drilled together with the cylinders, the holes in the end caps were 2.5mm.  I enlarged all the holes to 3mm.

I had turned the spigots which indicated the end caps in the cylinder bore 2mm thick.  Reduced this to 1mm as per plans.
Family shot of the cylinders and end caps.