Part 8 by Vince Cutajar

I decided to mill the flats on the cylinder with the end caps attached.  First is the flat that will serve as the base of the cylinder.  Came up with this setup to mark the flat.

Moved the cylinder to the milling machine and set it up using the same method with the straight edge.
Started the milling process.
The second flat on the cylinders will be for the steam chest.  Marked it out.
This is a larger flat than the previous one.  In fact, I had to mill off 6.5mm of material.  I had a crazy idea.  Why not remove some of the material with the new bandsaw?

Managed to do it safely on both cylinders.

Finished milling the flat on the cylinder for the steam chest.  Only had about 2mm to remove as opposed to 6.5mm if I had not removed some material with the bandsaw.
Drilled and tapped 6mm the mounting holes of the cylinders.
Next, something a little more complicated.  Did the 4.5mm exhaust port slots.
And then something a little more delicate.  The 2.5mm inlet port slots.  For these I first chain drilled with a 2mm drill before using the 2.5mm slot drill.
Finished all the inlet and exhaust ports and started the drilling (4mm) operations for the inlet channels. For these operations I used a collet chuck instead of the drilling chuck and a new 4mm drill.
Continued work on the cylinders, namely the exhaust connection.  Made them exactly as per plans.  Had to buy a 14mm slot drill to carve out the cylinder.
Then drilled 4.5mm to the exhaust port and tapped the top part 8mm x 1mm.
I took a family shot of what I had.

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