In recent times, as reliability has improved, variable speed machines have taken over in new machine sales. However, there are still those who prefer their lathes to be belt-driven.

Warco had a strong demand for a belt driven version of its popular WM-240 lathe. That has been recently made available and proved instantly popular.

It has same levels of equipment as the WM-240 variable speed lathe on which it is based, including:

  1. Induction hardened and ground double V-bedway

  2. Adjustable gibs to slideways

  3. Off set facility to tailstock

  4. Range of spindle speeds 125-2000rpm

  5. Large cross slide with two full length T-slots

  6. Tailstock quill engraved metric and imperial

  7. Powerful reversible motor

  8. Straightforward belt drive with 6 different speeds

  9. Metric and imperial thread cutting

  10. Zero/friction dials

  11. Thread dial indicator

Accessories supplied include:
  1. Swarf tray

  2. Read splash guard

  3. Face plate

  4. Three jaw self centre 125mm chuck, with inside and outside jaws

  5. Four jaw independent 125mm chuck

  6. Fixed steady

  7. Travelling steady

  8. Two dead centres

Full details of this 120mm centre height, 400mm between centres lathe can be found here.