Part one of two

By Graham Meek

So far there are designs for my screw cutting clutches available for: the Myford Super 7 (published in my book Projects for Your Workshop, available from TEE Publishing Ltd), the ML7, the Asian Mini-Lathes including the brushless motor versions. MEWS has published the Warco BH 600 which was a combined effort by Graham Howe and myself. The Wabeco follows here, and there is a design pending for the Emco Compact 8, Thor Hansen is currently working on the prototype for that, but it will be the end of the year before this is finished. MEWS will publish these drawings, once they are proven. There is a version for the South Bend 9 & 10" lathes, again this design is not proven, but will also be published on MEWS. Of course, these can be adapted to suit the Boxfords. I am at this moment working on a version for the Clausing 100 MkIII. 

In these clutches, the stops are set to determine the length of the thread, and the clasp nuts remain engaged throughout and the carriage is driven to-and-fro by the operation of the clutch lever. The lever is moved in the direction of travel and returned to the neutral by the stop attached to the control rod. By adding a retracting tool slide, production of threads is quick. No need to stop and reverse the lathe motor.

Part one is a general description. Detailed drawings to build the clutch will be in part two.

Click on drawings to download - for personal use only.

Wabeco GA

Wabeco cross sectional view

Wabeco body 3D views

Wabeco screw cutting clutch in situ