New from Warco

Warco has introduced a new upgraded version of the longstanding Warco WM 280 series of lathes - the Warco WM 280V.

This machine features uprated specification throughout, now with an all new and improved inverter drive system. The WM 280V features Delta inverter drive with an AC induction motor. It gives the benefit of quiet operation throughout.

The motor is more powerful - with a 50% increase from 1kw to 1.5kw (1500w), featuring the ability to go as low as 30 rpm - ideal for thread cutting, with great torque in the low speed range. It is fitted with an overload clutch to the feed shaft.

This lathe still has the full range of features of the previous model (WM 280VF) - including power cross feed, thread dial indicator, digital rev counter and 700mm between centres. Available in metric. Imperial version is still available.

Features include:

  1. Dedicated feed shaft for longitudinal and cross feed

  2. Separate leadscrew for thread cutting functions

  3. Wide, double V-bedway - which is hardened and ground for maximum durability

  4. Adjustable gibs to slideways

  5. Offset facility to tailstock

  6. Large cross slide with two full length tee slots

  7. Tailstock quill engraved metric and imperial

  8. Metric and imperial thread cutting

  9. Reversible leadscrew for left hand threading

  10. Power cross feed system

  11. Low 30 rpm speed at the low range, ideally suited to thread cutting

  12. Dependable Delta inverter drive with AC induction motor

  13. Overload clutch to feed shaft

  14. Powerful 1500w reversible motor

Supplied with a large range of tools and accessories, including:

  1. Swarf tray

  2. Rear splash guard

  3. Face plate

  4. Three jaw 125mm self centre chuck with inside and outside jaws

  5. Four jaw 125mm independent chuck

  6. Interlock chuck guard

  7. Fixed steady

  8. Travelling steady

  9. Two dead centres

  10. Compound slide

  11. Thread dial indicator

£1850 inc VAT and delivery from the Warco website