New from Chronos is one of those items that is frequently the answer to workshop problems: the arbor press. This new one is a Harlingen brand designed for variety of functions like riveting, squeezing, pressing, bending etc.  They are made from cast iron with steel pinion and ram. A small (1 tonne) version is £70.50. A 2 tonne version is £132. Prices include UK mainland shipping and VAT.

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Chronos has also introduced a series of drilling machine vices with built-in leadscrews for various drilling, tapping, reaming, etc operations. Made from cast iron they also feature V-grooved hardened jaws. Four mounting slots allow efficient positioning.

Four sizes are available from £23.99 inc UK mainland delivery and VAT.

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These quick action clamps are designed to assist welding and other joining processes where the work is held at right angles. Made from cast iron the work surfaces are milled for precision. The screw is copper plated to resist rusting.

Two sizes are available priced from £28.80 including UK delivery and VAT.

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Warco’s WM18B milling machine is a new belt drive milling machine, a familiar design with new underpinnings. 

With traditional belt drive system, this machine has all the updated benefits of the dovetail column associated with gear headstock mills.

Poly V-belt drive for positive, smooth and quiet vibration free operation.

Powerful 1.5kw brushless motor.

Table size 840 x 210mm.

Types available:

Metric (Item No. 3215)

Metric with 2 axis DRO (Item No. 3215DRO)

Features include

  1. Variable speed

  2. Rack and pinion drilling action

  3. Head elevates on two dovetails with gib strip adjustment

  4. Rigid square column

  5. Forward and reverse spindle rotation

  6. Friction fine feed with digital metric / imperial depth gauge

  7. Adjustable gibs to table X and Y axes

  8. Table and column locks to all three axes

  9. Head tilts 90º in both directions

  10. Positive stop to locate head to vertical

  11. Digital rev. counter

  12. Powerful brushless motor

  13. Table coolant outlet

  14. Dial graduations 0.05mm

  15. Two belt settings for maximum torque in the low speed setting

Standard accessories - included for no extra charge

  1. Drawbars 12mm & 3/8"

  2. Drill chuck 16mm

  3. Arbor for drill chuck

  4. Tool box and maintenance tools

  5. Operation manual and spare parts list

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