Warco has recently introduced a set of useful measuring items for the workshop to add to its already extensive range.
For years, decades even, many of us went along with just a 0-1 or 0-25 mic and a 6” vernier in the workshop. Life became a whole lot easier after investing in a mic the next size up. Warco has just introduced a new 25 - 50 mic of traditional C-frame design which comes with a box and setting piece (don’t lose it!) for £21.50 inc VAT.

The same company has introduced a set of feeler gauges - available in metric (13 leaves) or imperial (9 leaves). Just £4 inc VAT to replace that set that was ‘borrowed’ or lost - why are they so easy to lose?

A popular apprentice project was to saw and file a twist drill gauge. If you didn’t do that, or have lost it, one is now available from Warco in stainless steel for £3.00 inc VAT.

Also a universal grinding gauge providing the most useful angles. Also in stainless steel price £4.50 inc VAT.

And to quickly size a bored hole this simple bore gauge is in metric 1 - 16mm, imperial 1/8” - 5/8”. £3.00 inc VAT.