New type locking mechanism, super strong arm lock.

All parts use hardened high class steel, hardness reach HRC 58°+

Main parts are generated on CNC machines.

The tightening knob is ergonomically designed, so it has more comfortable and smooth hand feeling.

Two clamping holes, suitable metric and inch dial indicators.

Inner structure is made of bearing steel, wear-resisting and long service life.

50kg magnetic force and 220mm arm length

£48.14 inc VAT and UK delivery

100kg version £62.81 inc VAT and UK delivery

Chuck Mounted Lathe Revolving Centre 2MT

Very useful for securely gripping round workpiece between centres.

Rotates on two sealed ball races

Chuck capacity - 1-10mm

Available in 2 morse taper.

£27.00 inc VAT from Warco

Lathe Tailstock Tap & Die Holder Box Set

Die and tap holders traverse along ground shaft with integral morse taper arbor

Available with 2 or 3 morse taper arbor.

Set comprises

Die holders



1 1/2”

Tap holders

0" - 5/32”

5/32" - 1/4"

1/4" -  1/2" 

£60.00  inc VAT from Warco

Types available

2MT  (Item No. 9441.2)

3MT  (Item No. 9441.3)

Drill Chuck Keyed & Arbor

Chuck capacity - 1-10mm

Types available

2MT (Item No. 9439)

3MT (Item No. 9440)

£25.00 inc VAT from Warco

5C Precision Collet Chuck for D1-3 Lathes

New design now with D1-3 direct mount.

Separate backplate not required.

Direct mounting results in closer tolerance fit directly onto the lathe spindle.

Diameter - 5".

Scroll mechanism, key operated.

For 5C collets (sold separately).

£168 inc VAT and UK delivery from Warco


Collets available in either metric or imperial

Metric - 2mm-28mm

Imperial - 1/16" - 1 1/32"


Other versions available

For D1-4 lathes

For other lathes (requiring backplate)

Tapping Attachment

Capacity - 12mm

Auto reverse

Available with 2 or 3 morse taper arbor.

£110.25 to £120.75 inc VAT from Warco

Soft Arbor R8

Very useful machinable arbor for use with milling machines.

With hardened and ground tapers.

£11.50 inc VAT from Warco

Also available

Soft arbor in morse taper sizes

Alternative length soft arbor in 2MT, 3MT & R8 sizes.

Self Centring Vice - Jaw Width 100mm

Clever design contra rotating lead screw which moves jaws in unison ensuring the work piece is always centralised. Avoids the necessity to move the vice to centre the work

Close grain cast iron

Hardened jaws

Calibrated swivel base

£150.00 inc VAT from Warco

Indexable Boring Bar for Lathe

Boring bar lathe tool indexable design, with replaceable tip.

Supplied with TIN coated TCMT16 tip for internal boring

Tool height over flat section - 16mm

Diameter across width - 16mm

Tool length including tip projection - 180mm

With optional internal threading facility - additional tip required.

£28.00 from Warco.

Additional tips available

Metric (Item No. 9624M)

60⁰ internal threading

Vardex VTX

Thread range 0.5 – 3

Imperial (Item No. 9624IMP)

55⁰ internal threading

Vardex VTX

Thread range 8 – 48

Small Body 3MT Drive Centre

Live centre in 3 morse taper with narrow body.

High precision device for metal lathes.

Body diameter - 34mm

Centre length (pointy bit) - 27mm

Double bearing housing

Hardened centre

Run out within 0.002"

£32.00 inc VAT from Warco.

Also available

Small body drive centre - 2MT version

Regular drive centres - range of morse tapers

Engineers Set - 4 Piece

A high quality boxed set of engineering tools.

Excellent starter set for the metalworker.

Supplied complete in wooden storage box.


Engineer squares x3 - 3”, 4” and 6” sizes

Centre finder - to find the centre of round bar up to 3” dia

Pen type scriber - with knurled body and tungsten scribing tip

£25.00 inc VAT from Warco.

Deburring Tool

Three sided hardened blade.

Hardened blades continue to point which is useful for deburring the edge of a drilled hole.

With hardwood handle.

Blade length - 90mm

Handle length - 90mm

£6,90 inc VAT from Warco

And, finally, three new books from Camden.



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